Saturday, 18 June 2016

Shazam of the Week: Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

Foreigner Juke Box Hero

Info: Myself and Mrs. Remy are huge fans of dirty 80's rock n' roll, indeed she has a far vaster knowledge of that decade's music than I (as well as the decades either side). We were cruising through the burbs of SoCoDu on our way to Dun Laoghaire to visit my younger brother who has just recently flown the coop, when we put on the radio (I know right?!). It was last Sunday, and the Irish weather system was still throwing a bit of sunshine about, the windows were down, the €5 Aviator imitation shades from South Korea via eBay were on, and all was well with the world. 

Just before we approached Blackrock I had fleeting memories of The Old Punchbowl pub at the bottom of Mount Merrion Avenue, which is around the corner from Willow Park Primary School where I tried to teach kids Irish once upon a time. From there we stopped at the lights (they were the colour red), and Foreigner came on, in all their glory, the driver in the car beside me rolled down their window and started tapping on the side of their car door. 'Hell yeah!' I thought, this dude is down with and gets 80's rock n' roll porn!' It was actually a woman with short grey hair and glasses and she sped off ahead of us when the lights went green.

I can't remember what radio station we heard 'Juke Box Hero' on but we both had a 'How have we not heard this song before?' moment, granted we both only knew Foreigner's 'I Want To Know What Love Is'. Neither of us knew who the band behind this beast of a song was so I slapped out the trusty Shazam on the phone and here we are, what a song , and what a chorus with killer guitar riffage, BEEEEOOOOWWWW!

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