Saturday, 3 December 2016

Video: Naoise Roo - Whore

Naoise Roo Whore Video

Naoise Roo - Whore

Info: "The song 'Whore' was born out of a sense of longing and frustration. The idea of playing with power and submission. I think Bobs video reflects those feelings but takes a different slant. Religion and sexuality have had centuries of conflict and in Ireland we know this all too well. But at the root of it sexuality and sexual energy are the essence of being human. I've often wondered where that energy goes, what that inner conflict looks like"

Directed by the magnificently talented Bob Gallagher, Dublin alternative chanteuse Naoise Roo's track 'Whore', from her critically acclaimed 2015 album, Lilith, is brought to life on video. Gallagher, who has also directed music videos for the likes of Girl Band, SOAK, Swords and Myles Manley, does an excellent job of transferring the theme of Roo's dark and edgy track to screen, ratcheting up the tension slowly and articulating the inner conflict and turmoil of the main protagonist. 

A definite Irish music video of the year for us here, from our favourite Irish solo act.

Naoise Roo Whore

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