Monday, 26 May 2014

New Irish Music - Tell No Foxx

Tell No Foxx, 'Boulevard'

Info: I only received word of Tell No Foxx's self-titled E.P. which is due to be released on the 4th of July, this afternoon, but my first impressions are instantly positive. There are so many bands in the U.K. (and a lesser extent Ireland) who have an undeniable 80's sound at the moment and many, even the popular ones, fall short of melding it with a contemporary sound that doesn't come across as pretty unspectacular. 

After a few listens of the upcoming E.P., it would seem the band are slotting into the minority category of doing it right. It must be noted, however, that the music is not just a very good interpretation of a particular sound, and tracks such as the acoustic 'Obsolete' and the beautifully haunting 'Silence' (below) veer far away enough from 'Boulevard' and 'Pure' to make me excited at the prospect of a diverse full album release in the future. Tell No Foxx certainly should be filed in the 'Watch This Space' category, and what a great twist at the end of the 'Boulevard' video! Show it to your granny ;)

Tell No Foxx, 'Silence'

Who are they? The Irish trio of Brian Sillery, Luke Lacey, & Johnny Flood hail from Wicklow, Tell No Foxx’s music complements the expansive nature of their environment. Brian, Luke and Johnny started creating music together midway through university, experimenting with different soundscapes and drawing from a large diverse pool of influence.

What's their sound? Tell No Foxx use a wide pallet of electronic & natural drums, hollow synths; minimalistic guitar wrapped in meaningful lyrical textures, to create a sound that is both heartfelt and mysterious, glimpsing echoes of the 80’s infused with contemporary taste.

Where can I see them? Tell No Foxx will be playing an in-store live show in HMV Grafton Street, Dublin on Friday July 4th to celebrate the release of their EP.

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