Sunday, 26 October 2014

King Fantastic - New Album, The Great Man Theory

King Fantastic, 'Spooky Spooks and the Trouble With Capitalism'

Info: Finally the four year wait is over and King Fantastic have released their second album, The Great Man Theory, which is the follow up to 2010's incredible Finger Snaps & Gun Claps. TGMT opens strongly with the smooth 'Sands Through The Hourglass', mellow hazy beats and cool Funkadelic style guitar riffs leave you with that 'aw yeah' feeling. If you were getting into a relaxed groove you're snapped out of it quickly with a trademark King Fantastic number in 'Spooky Spooks & The Trouble With Capitalism' (above), Killer Reese means business, and the melodies that cover the verses are sweet. 

The fourth track 'Sexbot Sexpot' is a great display of one side of King Fantastic's music which made a brief appearance on their debut album, the mix of rhyming and guitars, it works so well and it's a stand out example of what separates KF from other acts. Some more electric and acoustic guitars appear on the hard-hitting and dark 'Sewer Surfer', and by the time you've reached the end of the track you've got your King Fantastic on, they're back. 'Rad Racer' has some delicious riffs on it but also Killer Reese evokes early 90's LA hip-hop and brings you back in time to that golden era. One thing King Fantastic have always had in abundance is a witty sense of humour and on The Great Man Theory it's no different, in particular on 'Joshua Tree', Reese and Troublemaker take us on a trippy journey into Alice's Wonderland, which includes the line 'Reese knows how to calibrate the chaos, Reese enjoys the psychosis for the pay-off....Reese knows that reality is subjective, so Reese is never a slave to the collective', as the song title suggests, our two adventurers hit the desert and had some candy! Once again King Fantastic have made an album with no waste on it, the rest of TGMT is made up of previously reviewed single 'Los Angeles International', other single 'Yup, Yup, Yup' and the stomping 'The Hardest Song Ever'. The evolution continues and it's all good.

King Fantastic, 'Joshua Tree'

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