Saturday, 21 February 2015

Kristin Hoffmann - Soundtrack for 'Amazing Space'

Photo: Nico Malvaldi

Kristin Hoffman, 'Amazing Space'

Info: It doesn't happen often, but when I get asked to do a piece that combines my two joys, music and film, it's always a different kind of pleasure. Here we have music from Brooklyn composer Kristin Hoffmann providing the soundtrack to upcoming documentary Amazing Space, courtesy of film-maker Ralph Stevens. The film's title track (above) is a neoclassical song from Hoffmann and it certainly accentuates that feeling of gliding past the stars in deep space, it's also released as a single from the soundtrack which Hoffmann composed in it's entirety. Which brings us to the film itself, described by Stevens as a film; 'that combines music and images of space to capture the cosmos at its peak brilliance.' 

The trailer for Amazing Space below gives a glimpse of what to expect, and also features snippets of Hoffman's other songs from her soundtrack, there's plenty of diversity it would seem, from didgeridoos, traditional indigenous singing to more modern classical pieces. As a self-professed obsessive of all things cosmos-related, I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing Amazing Space which is due out in April. The purpose of the film can also be described as a method of reflection achieved 'By zooming out and feeling the unfathomable vastness and complex perfection of space, that literally surrounds us in every moment, we are able to put our daily lives and personal struggles into greater perspective.'

You can listen to more of Kristin's music here and find out details on the film here