Sunday, 7 June 2015

Album: Snatch the Snail - Snalien

Snatch The Snail, Snailien

Info: Snatch The Snail are a three-piece from North Carolina comprised of Zach Carson (guitar / main vox), Drew Ryan (drums) and Bryan Lee (bass) who have an unmistakably tripped out and lo-fi rock sound. Snailien is their latest release with the album coming out just a couple of weeks ago and it's a pleasantly enjoyable listen with hazy moods and feel-good jams. 

Opening track 'New Record Deal' features nicely meandering guitar riffs and nice high tone vocal harmonies mixed in with a rousing and energetic chorus to set the tone for the rest of the recording. Second track 'Top 40 Rap Song' borrows a notable ska strain in the mould of new wave Londoners Madness, a humorous critique of the shallow and deluded end of that particular genres charts oft repeated messages. There's a really nice swagger and self-deprecating coolness on the hip-sounding 'Dream Cat', again the trios tight vocal harmonies shine on this track and we're also treated to some psychedelic Hendrix type guitar effects toward the tracks end. 

Snatch the Snail Snalien

A highlight on Snailien which perhaps best captures the vibes Snatch the Snail are disseminating is to be found on fifth track 'Electric Chapel Hill Kool-Aid Acid Test', surf rock summer sounds wrap around your ears, sounding like Band of Horses a bit if they were happy for a few minutes. I really enjoyed their creative re-vamp of Seal's 'Kiss From A Rose' which they've titled 'Slimed By A Snail' and the chorus line of the original replaced with 'Baby, I can tell you've been slimed by a snail in the sea...', probably close to what you'd expect if Guns N' Roses covered the song! The album closes off with the funky and chaotic 'Zombie Face' and sees the band move into further experimental spaces, heavy rock sounds alternate with nicely off-key harmonies and escapist echoes. There's enough here on Snailien to be left with an overall feeling of warmth from the vocals and sounds, as well as puzzled confusion as to exactly why you found yourself smiling so many times throughout, which I think maybe Snatch the Snail were aiming for.

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