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Album: GODHATESDISCO - Great Radio

Godhatesdisco Great Radio Album

GODHATESDISCO, 'Incredible Technology'

Info: GODHATESDISCO are Dublin duo Neal Keogh and Andy Walsh, they've just released their debut LP Great Radio yesterday, an album that is slightly difficult to pin down in terms of genre, at times ambient, fleetingly electronic disco on one or two tracks. Maybe the closest I could get via making up a new hybrid genre would be doom-punk, that sounds gloomy, but it's certainly not. Slight references would be a half-way house between Primal Scream's XTRMNTR or Mogwai's Come On Die Young, but they are loose comparisons and there's more at play here as they outline below;

'Deliberately performed live on twin bass guitars & a table full of electronics, 
including second hand samplers, synthesizers, vintage drum machines and custom made oscillators, the duo make unknown wave music, composed to defy and satisfy all musical palates. 

Sampling natural sounds from other planets against the bickering voices of Irish television talk show guests, creationist and atheist debates combined with mouthless words recorded at an exorcism, merging the abiding tones of moving statues fanatics speaking in tongues with the choral power of children's choirs, this is a thoughtful record with a lasting message. It was already broken before we got here.'

The opening track on Great Radio rightly takes the prime spot on the album, 'Incredible Technology' (above video) is the perfect introduction to GODHATESDISCO for those who are unfamiliar with them. A foreboding bass-line intro, like a slow march to death, and samples of a Reagan speech at the U.N. General Assembly in 1987. Following track 'Belief System' sees a tempo increase which comes close to some of the anarchy found on XTRMNTR, you're moved from the impending creeping feeling to being surrounded by it. 


'Nimoy' enters a more light-hearted space in terms of the atmosphere it creates, the bass and drumbeats are uniform in conjuring an image of a dance-floor full of robots with an android version of Gary Numan behind the decks in a 1950's B-movie vision of the future. 'Sunday Service' has a nice rapidity to it, GODHATESDISCO almost urging you on to some unknown destination of their choice, there's really nice beats here again and the creepy children singing hymns in the background add to the mild discomfort that rears it's head occasionally on the album. Great Radio is a very decent effort from Keogh and Walsh and it's nice to see an Irish act delving into perhaps neglected spheres of experimentation and sounds, they're certainly on to something in terms of the entire package delivered here and how it makes you feel.

Great Radio is released on Dublin independent record label and shop Little Gem Records /

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