Saturday, 26 September 2015

Single: The Shruggs - The Ooh Song

The Shruggs The Ooh Song

The Shruggs, 'The Ooh Song'

Info: Hailing from Bandon in Co. Cork, come 'acoustic power duo' The Shruggs, who are James Downing and Kees Hendrickx, bringing with them a distinctive brand of Americana and country-folk. Together now for just over two years, the pair have been receiving plenty of play on the likes of Today FM, TG4 and Balcony TV as well as positive reviews. They have just released their latest single, 'The Ooh Song' (above) with a video starring the passive and friendly William the goat.

On top of being a humorous and amiable video for 'The Ooh Song' the song itself is most enjoyable. The sound they've created here on acoustic guitar and cajon is overwhelmingly uplifting and feel good, rhythmically it's also very pleasing, and the Fleet Foxes sounding harmonies are pitch-perfect. It also reminds me quite a lot of the roots rock sound of Rod Stewart's band Faces, in particular their single which shared one part of 'The Ooh Song's title! You're left with the impression that for Downing and Hendrickx, it is all about enjoying the music they play and write, and this feeling of brevity and ease is passed on to the listener successfully.

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