Sunday, 20 September 2015

Video: Elvett - Home

Elvett Home Switzerland Music

Elvett, 'Home'

Info: Swiss indie-pop duo Elvett formed in January of this year and have amassed a strong following in the underbelly of their native music scene as a result of their unique brand of sleek analog-based indie sounds. Together as a musical duo since 2003, vocalist Lyn and drummer Alain have primarily written music for film up until now, with the release of 'Home' they have decided to move into new territory creating music based on sensuous electronica mixed with acoustic instrumentation. 

Elvett's 'Home' opens with a tribal, restrained drum-beat which carries through the track creating a sinuous motion and mood, Lyn's vocals recall classic jazz and soul vocals with an indie twist, mixing Kelli Dalton of Sneaker Pimps' fame with Amy Winehouse, she has also rightly been compared to Shirley Bassey's Bond theme performances such as 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Goldfinger'. 'Home' provides us with a gently disarming combination of many styles and genres arranged carefully by the duo across the track, it's a sufficiently alluring opening proposition which is instantly appealing and should see them spark significant interest outside of their home country.

Elvett, 'Who Shot First?', Live

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