Sunday, 7 February 2016

Single Premiere: Late Cambrian - Yearbook Photo

Late Cambrian - Yearbook Photo

Info: Brooklyn, New York indie-pop trio Late Cambrian today release their latest single, 'Yearbook Photo', the second release from their upcoming EP, Dark Heart. In slight contrast to their last album, Golden Time, which featured here before their first ever Irish date in Dublin back in September, 2014, the band have delved further into electro-pop territory vs. the more alternative indie sounds of that album. 

'Yearbook Photo' does the simple things well, it's instantly catchy with it's snappy synth intro, the harmony on the vocals between main singers John and 'O' giving it a MGMT meets Passion Pit feel. One of the main things you take away from the new single though is that the band are enjoying what they're doing at the moment. It feels like they are under no pressure to just keep writing songs for the sake of it, and just one third of the way through 'Yearbook Photo' Late Cambrian have transferred the happy excitement of the music to the listener with total ease.

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