Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Single: Exiles - Red Lights

Exiles Red Lights Single

Exiles - Red Lights

Info: Exiles are a new three piece synthwave band from the South-East of Ireland. They have been writing and recording together since late 2015, and have just released their first track 'Red Lights' (above) on SoundCloud and YouTube ahead of the September release our their debut EP, also titled Red Lights.

On the surface and first listen I (a) loved the funky 80's vibes and (b) could admire a straight up homage to classic synthpop from the era, happy I was, as Yoda might say. More listens and more enjoyment followed, and then I began to realise just why it was I felt (a) and (b). 'Red Lights' not only waves its hat at the decade, but Exiles also incorporate such a varied number of styles from the era.

There's the 80's soul of the chorus, รก la Donna Summer, and some strange crossover between Johnny Hates Jazz and New Order's poppier side with a pinch of MGMT for good measure. Last but not least we get some very, very tasty guitar progressions and a synth intro / outro that is simple but perfect for what comes in between. Yum.

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