Saturday, 19 November 2016

Album: Thanks Light - Psychonauts

Thanks Light Psychonauts

Thanks Light - Family Jewels

Info: Hailing from Austin, Texas, alternative and sometimes grunge-rock quartet Thanks Light released their new album, Psychonauts, last month. Thanks Light began tracking Psychonauts at Black Land Hall in the fall of 2015 with Ruttenberg’s longtime friend, producer and fellow musician, Will Patterson of the band Sleep Good. At the time, Patterson was using a massive historic building located in downtown Coupland, Texas, as a sound stage and recording studio to score movies and track bands. The record was initially live-tracked with the entire band playing simultaneously, using this massive tracking room (90 ft X 30 ft. X 25 ft. tall) to create the booming and spacious sounds heard within Psychonauts’ tracks. 

Thanks Light initially caught my attention with their smouldering track and single, 'VIP', a rapid high tempo song that trundles energetically from its opening guitar riff and locomotive percussion, fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of 2016. The album commences with the moody Black Keys' sound of 'Dueling Twins', it's like a strange and highly enjoyable mix of math rock and Creedence-esque guitar slinging, a peach with a dash of Metallica and glam rock to boot.

Another single, 'Bones', is a short and sweet plonky piano rock track, here Thanks Light hold back slightly, whilst vibrant it reduces the frenetic pace of the album's opening nicely before we reach 'In My Blood', which, incidentally, is another single. It has a War on Drugs feel to it, lethargic percussion, it's a solid choice as a single, and a definite stand out song on Psychonauts, the vocals are powerful yet calming, which also highlights the quality of Thanks Light's song-writing.

'Damn Dirty Trixxx' is a rambunctious affair, Wolfmother and fellow Southern Hemisphere neighbours from New Zealand, The Datsuns, spring to mind, it's a wonky contemporary rock tune, the glam is alive on this one for sure. After the psych sounds of 'Enjoy', Thanks Light close on a high via 'Conquertik', a reflective moment, like the chiming of a bell tower, the guitar rings out in an open space. Alongside 'VIP' this is easily one of my favourite tracks on the album, the pace is exquisite, lethargic in a good way, the band let the music slowly drip through the filter before it takes off into a fuzzed out finale. My kind of contemporary alternative rock band and then some.

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