Sunday, 15 January 2017

Track: Elevation Falls - What Will Be

Elevation Falls - What Will Be

Elevation Falls - What Will Be

Info: Elevation Falls are Classic Rock / Blues Band based in Ireland. Recent winners of Hard Rock Cafe's 'Hard Rock Rising' in Ireland for 2016.

Fronted by the powerful and unique vocal talents of 20 year old singer / songwriter Hazel Jade, EF's Warrior Queen! She formed the band at the start of 2013 and although she has been likened in ability to many great female singers such as Ann Wilson (Heart), you will not mistake her vocal for any other artist. They're currently working on their next album 'Armies Rising' due for release in early 2017.

In advance of the release of their next album release, Dublin's Elevation Falls decided to share the raw and uncooked acoustic version of their track 'What Will Be'. The plaudits for vocalist Hazel Jade are undeniably appropriate and justified, in a rock sense, few would be able to match her power and range right now. The song recalls classic 90's rock, think an acoustic Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam's MTV Unplugged and you'll start to garner a picture and idea of what to expect. It's a track that's as equally tender as it is forceful, hitting you with great force at times, Armies Rising will be a most interesting listen when it is released, with it being clear that the band are steeped in some very fine rock traditions.

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  1. super talented singer songwriter and what a band they are together making a super sound - really hope that 2017 is their year - they surely deserve it - class band and people to know