Saturday, 4 March 2017

Single: Hot Rod Hearse - 1973

Hot Rod Hearse - 1973

Info: Hot Rod Hearse have the fever pretty bad. It’s caused by browsing thrift shops and apothecaries. It’s caused by devouring music and walking around in marshes. Their music is called Thrift Shop Rock, for it has no genre. They march to the sounds of the underground railroad. They have the Irish swamp blues, since they are based in the magical town of Wexford in Ireland. The duo of Zeff Ryder and Hotrod Suzi recently released their latest single, '1973', the follow up to last year's debut, 'There By The Road'.

'1973' is a track that sings to the very core of my heart as a blues-rock aficionado, my all-time favourite genre in music. The opening guitar is tingling, past references would be Clapton circa The Bluesbreakers with John Mayall, Dylan's Blood on the Tracks, whilst contemporary nods go to early doors The Black Keys, around The Big Come Up stage. You're sitting in a dusty old bar staring out the window at the delta on this one, it's a smooth and slick mood which Hot Rod Hearse have created, and going by '1973' and their previous single, I could quite easily listen to an entire album of this.

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