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Album: Will De Burca - Embedded

Will De Burca Embedded

Info: 'Embedded' is the second album from Will de Burca, recorded over the past 18 months at his studio in Dublin. Expect to hear a fast paced electronic intro followed by a mix of ambient dance, trip-hop and a combination of high intensity psychedelic rock.

Guesting on the album is Aoife Underwater on vocals - 'The Sound Of The End Of The Night' (3) and Ruan Van Vliet on drums - 'Sliced' (8).

On a HBO special this earlier year about the boxer Arturo Gatti, Track 4 Arturo "Thunder Gatti" was featured in the documentary. Gatti's life was cut short at a premature age, later ruled as suicide, Will used many sports commentary samples throughout his career as a tribute to him in this track.

In the past 12 months Will has signed with Tremolo Music who have place several tracks into ad campaigns for Mac Cosmetics in South Korea.

Will De Burca Embedded Album Cover

The first thing you notice about Embedded by Will De Burca is it's sheer force and power, immediately hitting home on opening track 'Madrid', it's like an Eno track shorn of its calm ambiance and injected with a stellar intensity. There's also a sharpness and clarity to the soundscapes De Burca asks us to partake in, on 'It Shall Be Opened' pinging effects and deliberate beats recall Public Service Broadcasting with a solid dash of LemonJelly. 

An early standout track comes in the shape of 'The Sound of the End of The Night' feat. Aoife Underwater, this is a slightly calmer moment on the album, spacey sound effects and Underwater's alternative-pop vocals meld together perfectly to create a gliding experience for the listener. Fourth track 'Arturo Gatti' pays homage to the Italian-Canadian world champion boxer who was tragically murdered in his hotel room at the age of 37 in Brazil on the same day he was due to attend his sister's wedding. With news reporting excerpts, De Burca uses an appropriately fitting musical backdrop to reflect the sad nature of Gatti's death.

'A Dream Within A Dream' does exactly what it says on the tin, at just over two minutes in length, the album reaches its most serene moment, echoed guitar effects and the drawing of breath are nothing but calm-inducing, an ethereal break before hitting the mildly industrial sounds of 'The Weather Inside Our Heads'. There were times during Embedded that Will De Burca let little drips of early 90's house rear its head, and almost as if to confirm that influence we conclude with the wonderful 'Sliced', an airy, and sometimes slightly sinister mood pervades the track, which ultimately leads to a hope-filled conclusion. This is a highly engaging collection of tracks which gently prods the listener in the direction it was intended to take them in, a truly rewarding album by the Dublin electronic artist.

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