Sunday, 18 June 2017

Single: The False and The Fair - Gone Tomorrow

The False and the Fair Gone Tomorrow

Info: The False and the Fair present their new single, ‘Gone Tomorrow’.  The band formed in 2013 while Tommy Cullen, Cormac Feeley, Jacob Fry and Adam Nugent were studying together at BIMM Dublin. Since then TFATF have brought their psychedelic blend of progressive and alternative rock to numerous venues throughout Dublin, and released debut single ‘Bald Apes’ last year to an enthusiastic Workman’s audience.

‘Gone Tomorrow’ reveals a more introspective and melodic side to TFATF’s music, contrasting but complementing the wild energy and unpredictability of ‘Bald Apes’.  This typefies the group’s live set, which encompasses a range of moods and textures and keeps audiences on their toes.

'Gone Tomorrow' by Dublin's The False and The Fair is a sound I can really get behind. There's a lovely cross-over between late 60's folk, psychedelia and alternative rock, the former courtesy of Love, the middle from Jefferson Airplane and the latter genre from The Doors. Of course all three of those bands dabbled in more than a little bit of each of those three styles. 

It's in sharp contrast to previous (and equally as enjoyable) single from 2016, 'Bald Apes', which was a full on prog-rock blowout, more Black Sabbath than kaleidoscopes and light refractors. One thing for sure is that there is plenty to dig on both styles they have proffered to date and there is certainly a gap in the Irish music for The False and The Fair's modus operandi.

The band are also making the track available for free download by joining their mailing list on Bandcamp (link below).

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