Thursday, 10 August 2017

The VidList: Irish - Kate Dineen, Elephant, Talos

Kate Dineen - Flames

Kate Dineen - Flames

Info: On our second run of The VidList here on REMY, we feature the latest single from Kerry folk act Kate Dineen, 'Flames'. We also have the brand spanking new video from the wonderful Elephant from Dundalk for his newest single 'Mirrors' as well as Cork electronic act Talos' 'This Is Us Colliding' from his critically acclaimed album Wild Alee which was released earlier this year.

Last year Kate Dineen released her debut EP, Great Escape, which received many very deserved plaudits, including one of our Irish EP's of 2016 here. 'Flames' sees a slight shift from the rootsy indie-folk sounds of that collection of tracks, with Dineen infusing a more contemporary pop sound into her vocals. The guitar and light percussion create a breezy ambience which finds nice balance with her emotive vocal, without straying too far from her early sound, it is notable that she has been exploring new avenues since last year, and it works very well here.

Elephant - Mirrors

Eternally restless in experimenting and flipping his sound on its head is Shane Clarke, aka Elephant. With the second single to be released from his forthcoming sophomore album, he almost makes the folk foundations of debut LP HyperGiant seem like a thing of the long-distant past on 'Mirrors' (above). Clarke describes the new single as; "... a song about looking back. It’s about pining for your youth; mourning its mistakes and in turn, trying to recall just when it was that you became so cynical." You can read our full review of the single from last week here

Talos' 'This Is Us Colliding'

To round up our latest VidList we have the beautiful track and video from Talos for his latest single, 'This Is Us Colliding'. The video itself features stunning drone footage of Ailladie (anglicised from Aill an Daill - The Blind Man's Cliff) on the West coast of Ireland at The Burren in Co. Clare. Directed by Brendan Canty with cinematography coming courtesy of Colm Hogan and Roman Bugovskiy, the visual matches the ethereal sounds which emit from both Talos' vocal and the gentle instrumentation behind it, a powerful combination from a really great album.

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