Thursday, 20 September 2018

Single: Alex Smyth - Escort

Alex Smyth - Escort

Info: 'Escort' is the brand new song by Ambient and Electronic artist Alex Smyth. This is first release since his Debut EP 'The Utopian Dream'.

'Escort' is one of many songs Alex has written in 2018 and feels it shows the right progression since his ambient writing style as the song is a lot more up-beat. The song starts off quite ambient with the low sub-bass mimicking the chord progression of the guitars. With every verse and chorus the song grows giving you a sense motivation. Alex’s writing style brings you on a journey through the verses which was shown in his song 'Control' from 'The Utopian Dream' and he wanted to bring listeners on this same journey with 'Escort'. Alex’s hope for this song was to guide listeners to a climactic ending which is for sure to give you a sense of satisfaction when the song comes to end. The track was named after the ambition of the song – to guide you through the verses and escort you to its climax.

Although it's an oxymoron, kind of...Alex Smyth always manages to give a warm chill to his music, new single 'Escort' exemplifies his modus operandi very well. The track also gives off the same feeling you can experience at his live shows, the thunder is short but overt, yet everything you feel and hear is based firmly in a bedrock of comfort and haut-ambience. There are really nice parallels here stylistically with God Is An Astronaut, it's a real drifter of a track that takes you off to a better and distant place, perhaps it could be said that Alex Smyth is the Wildling of Irish electronic music.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Single: Arvo Party - D a N S E

Arvo Party - DANSE

Arvo Party - 'D a N S E'

Info: Right on the tail end of being nominated at the Northern Irish Music Awards for Best Single with his track 'Liberté' (man alive it is almost too good), Belfast's Arvo Party released his latest single 'D a N S E' only yesterday. The single will be followed by his latest album II which drops on the 1st of October.

So where is Arvo Party going to take us today? Will it be a trip around the unexplored parts of our subconscious minds, or another off-planet voyage? That's up to the listener really, as the artist is here to guide, not to direct. 'D a N S E' is quite different to previous single 'DUST' (which will also appear on the new album), fans of Four Tet will have a very positive inclination towards what we hear here, plenty of sharp clicks and squeezed to the point of bursting beats. 

After an unostentatious yet bubbling first two minutes, we have a sudden mini shut-down which lasts no more than 5 seconds, then the second cycle begins and we lift off once again. There's a hidden frustration and aggression lurking just beneath the surface here, desperately waiting to break out of the cocoon of suffocation. Perhaps that freedom will be granted by Arvo Party on II.

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Video: SOULÉ - Don't Hold Your Breath

SOULÉ - Don't Hold Your Breath

SOULÉ - 'Don't Hold Your Breath'

Info: Irish electronic-pop artist, Soulé, unveils brand new video for her new single 'Don’t Hold Your Breath'. Conceived by Diffusion Lab and directed by Sam McGrath, the video tells the story of a new relationship; from the early passion-filled days spending every minute with each other to the mundanity of making the bed together. 

‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ is an intimate snapshot of the young couple's journey from lovers to prospective parents thanks to McGrath’s decision to shoot from a single fixed point with a 360-degree view. The continuously rotating shot ingeniously transforms one camera position into a kaleidoscopic, circular panorama; taking in the various stages of the couple growing closer. 

A soulful fusion of an upbeat tempo and emotionally complex lyrics, the song explores the feelings of a young woman - played here by Soulé herself - as she struggles to acclimatise to her life with a partner. 

With an infectious beat and undeniably catchy hook, 'Don’t Hold Your Breath' has already amassed over 200K streams since its release.