Sunday, 19 May 2019

Playlist 2014 - 2019: Thank You! From REMY

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I was quite sad a few weeks ago when I decided to call time on what began in July 2012 as mostly a film review blog with a few pieces here and there on bands I love from the 60's and 70's. But I am very, very happy with how the last 6 years in particular turned out, and even moreso, incredibly lucky to have ended up meeting so many amazing and inspiring people, seeing god knows how many bands live who blew my mind, and in a nutshell, living a dream. 

The over-riding reason I've decided to wrap up is purely time, in this game you are either all-in and 100% committed, or you're better off out, in my own view there's no in-between. The last thing I would want is for me to stop enjoying this, finding it a burden, and worst of all (which I had noticed on occasion over the last number of months) to start writing reviews devoid of passion and which are rushed, it's not fair on anyone, particularly the artist.

Music is my number one passion, and to somehow find myself witnessing the best period of Irish music, well, for wont of a better turn of phrase, doing this blog has been the best thing I've ever done on a personal level. A joy-filled adventure I will never forget, and which never would have happened unless there was an avalanche of incredible music flowing out from all over the island of Ireland.

So, enough of the sop, and I know this isn't the Oscars, but I do have a few people I'd like to be on the record thanking and yes...*CLICHÉ KLAXON!* sorry if I forgot anyone! Briefly though, the above Playlist contains 150 songs by Irish artists from 2014 - 2019 which have featured on these pages in the past, each track holding a specific and happy memory for me, it's in chronological order of when they were reviewed, a little archive for me to revisit when I'm feeling nostalgic! Thankfully I got to see 93 of the 150 live, #blessed.

Huge thanks go to the following people who provided massive support to me;

Irish musicians (all of them!), David Judge of Abner Brown's Barber Shop for too many opportunities over the years, Jim O'Donoghue Martin (VIDEO BLUE - for sending me my very first review request and inadvertently turning this blog on its head as a result!), the boys at Oh Joy! (once The Journals - the first time I brought a camera to a show was at one of their gigs and I used flash photography - didn't do it ever again after!).

The Dundalk family - a ridiculous amount of support and good-will came from people I now consider friends, Jim (already mentioned!), Gavin Murray (Trick Mist), Just Mustard (my favourite Irish band), the beautiful human that is Shane Clarke (Elephant), Aoife McCann (AE Mak), Nix Moon, Third Smoke, Larry & wordsmith deluxe David Keenan.

Takes breath....

Stef Edwards and Jenny Headen who facilitated some amazing live music memories (WeAreRedHead), likewise Emma Harney of Orchestrate PR who helped me hone my interview skills long ago! Jawdropper crew (John & Maya et al!) My absolute bae Dwayne Woods (Butter Wouldn't Melt PR), Liza Geddes & Linda Coogan Byrne, Naoise Roo, James McGregor (The Clockworks) and Noël Duplaa (CFIT and 20 other bands) for contributing amazing reviews to these pages in the past, my best buds in photography and beer Sarah Ryan and Niall O'Kelly, Margaret O'Sullivan (Femmepop), THUMPER, Dave Conway (Gigonometry), Tim Clifford (K-Fest), Andrea Keogh (The Sound House, DQF), Callum Browne, James Strain (Auxiliary Phoenix), Greg Whelan, Ryan Cashell, EllyD and Emma (Xx), James Geraghty & Adam McCabe (Brass Phantoms), Montauk Hotel (keep shimmering!), MUNKY (Xx), David Anthony McGeown (BODIES), Alien She, Brendan Miller (Zombie Picnic), Molly Sterling (heart-breaker), Laura McCabe (cello lady), Joey (Heroes in Hiding), Darragh O'Connor & Jack O'Flaherty (Exiles), Sick Love, Kevin Nolan, Herb Magee (Arvo Party), Ronan Kealy (Junior Brother), The Felonies, Classic Yellow, Silverbacks, Sean O'Brien (FIELDS), Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet), EHCO, and anyone who invited me to their shows, sent me their music.

All of the amazing photographers I met and who contributed to the last two end of year photography galleries, Zoe Holman, Ciara Brennan (SheBopImagery), Glen Bollard, Moira Reilly, Dara Munnis, Ruth Medjber (for also fixing my camera at HWCH 2017!), Nicholas O'Donnell, Jack Farrell, Aaron Corr,  Kieran Frost, Billy Cahill, Faye Bollard, to name a few. 

A very special thank you to Stephen White of The Last Mixed Tape, a man who understands the lonesome but happy life of the solo music blogger and gave me a lot of sage advice over the years, someone whom I have endless respect for, and a perfect companion at so many gigs and festivals. Also Nialler9 and The Thin Air for the shout outs and support, it meant a lot.

Last but not least, my wife Anna, who educated me on music from the 60's / 70's and 80's, she's the Skynet of music databases and trivia. She never once complained about the amount of time I spent out and about at shows, or at home blogging, and her support was the most valuable of all. I look forward to getting to know her again ;)

Go to local shows, buy local music, and be happy!

Grá mór,