Sunday, 8 July 2012

The James Gang

The James Gang Joe Walsh

Who: The James Gang
When: 1967-1976
Where: Cleveland, Ohio
Members: Glenn Schwartz (guitar, 1967-69), Joe Walsh (guitar, vocals, 1969-71), Tom Kriss (bass, vocals, 1967-70), Jim Fox (drums, vocals), Dale Peters (bass, vocals, 1970-76), Dominic Troiano (guitar, vocals, 1971-73), Roy Kenner (vocals, 1971-74), Tommy Bolin (guitar, 1973-74), Richard Shack (guitar, 1975-76), Bubba Keith (vocals, guitar, 1975-76), David Briggs (keyboards, 1974), Rob Webb (vocals, guitar, 1976), Phil Giallomardo (keyboards, vocals, 1976), Nelson "Flaco" Padron (percussion, 1976)

Best Album: Yer' Album (1969)
Rate Your Music Rating: 3.76/5
Key Tracks: Funk #48, Bluebird & Collage (Above).
Rides Again (1970), RYM Rating: 3.88/5, Key Tracks: Funk #49, Tend My Garden, The Bomber.

Notable Information: The James Gang were largely overlooked in the late 60's / early 70's, however the relative success of guitarist and vocalist Joe Walsh, both as a solo artist (see The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get (1973) and "But Seriously, Folks..." (1978) but especially Barnstorm (1972)) and member of The Eagles, has led to a retrospective interest in the group. A more detailed look at Joe Walsh to follow soon.

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