Thursday, 20 September 2012

1951 Bud Powell - The Amazing Bud Powell

Info: Ranked #1 on for 1951, and an artist I can definitely see myself getting more into, Bud Powell's albums of the 50's feature highly in Top 10's, either as solo or collaboration works, again, I don't know much about him, and this is the only album I know, but I'm looking forward to more. My favourite tracks are the above video, 'Over The Rainbow', 'It Could Happen to You' and track 7, 'You Go To My Head'. 

Real name Earl Rudolph 'Bud' Powell, he was born in September 1924 in Harlem, New York, his main influences were Art Tatum and Thelonius Monk, who he became a close friend of. Powell's father was also a pianist and when Bud was aged 5, he paid for piano lessons for him, by the age of 10 he began to show an interest in jazz which he frequently heard in his neighbourhood, by 15 he was playing in his brother William's, a trumpet player, band. Bud spent much of his career performing in his home city of New York, followed by a period in Paris between the years 1959-1963, before he contracted tuberculosis. Powell returned to New York and soldiered on, but eventually the TB, along with malnutrition and alcoholism got the better of him and he died on 31st July, 1966, several thousand people followed his funeral procession through Harlem. 

Track Listing:

A1  Un poco loco                    
A2  Over the Rainbow                         
A3  Ornithology                      
A4  Wail                     
B1  A Night in Tunisia                           
B2  It Could Happen to You               
B3  You Go to My Head                       
B4  Bouncing With Bud

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