Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg (2012)

Bugg on BBC Radio Nottingham, The Beat performing 3 songs (which amazingly didn't make his debut album)

Later With Jools Holland, 'Country Song', May, 2012

Info: I first came across Jake Bugg only last week in an interview in The Times admittedly with a good deal of cynicism as is my wont. Even though the interviewer wasn't spewing the usual fervent praise and whipping up hysteria over 'the next big thing' ageism got the better of me and I found it hard not to see 18 year old Bugg as the latest record label boss' wet dream. My guard had come down slightly by the end of the interview as he came across as quite down to earth and likeable, when talking about his friends he shakes his head and says; "They're out every Friday and Saturday night (clubbing) and it's always the same, I'd rather be sat at home, listening to Marvin with a couple of cans." From the Clifton Estate in Nottingham, where he still lives with his parents, he began playing in pubs when he was 15, and shortly afterwards, in 2010, uploaded some of his songs onto the BBC website, which landed him a gig at Glastonbury, the first time he'd even been to a festival. More recently he opened for The Stone Roses at a secret gig in London, is currently supporting Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds on their American tour, and can count Damon Albarn among his admirers, at least Noel and Damon agree on something, that at only 18, Bugg has already shown considerable talent for his age. He has said he is largely disinterested in modern music and his favourite artists are Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Don McClean, & Donovan. The influence of the folk singers is certainly very evident in a lot of his songs, but he does also slide into rock music on songs such as current single Taste It and Lightning Bolt, which mixes both genres nicely. While much of his lyrics are very innocent and some rhyming quite simplistic, it's also in some ways refreshing, it's nice to be able to enjoy an album without dissecting every line and lyric and appreciate it for what it is, a very young man's solid debut album. I expect a very bright future for Jake Bugg, but also hope he manages to develop his song-writing as independently as possible and doesn't end up like so many promising young artists before, releasing bland records after a talented first release. Finally, I thought I'd add one more video, it's for the song Broken, to be honest I found it hard to narrow down the videos because there are some excellent live performances, anyway, hope you enjoy.


Track listing:

1. Lightning Bolt**
2. Two Fingers
3. Taste It**
4. Seen It All
5. Simple As This
6. Country Song**
7. Broken
8. Trouble Town**
9. Ballad of Mr.Jones
10. Slide
11. Someone Told Me
12. Note to Self
13. Someplace
14. Fire

** Current Singles

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