Thursday, 6 February 2014

Northern Irish Rockers - Abandcalledboy, New Self-Titled E.P.

Abandcalledboy, 'Cliff Richard'

Info: Northern Irish Alt-Rock three piece Abandcalledboy have released a brand new video, made by the band themselves with a budget of £0.

'Cliff Richard' is the 1st song off the band's forthcoming self-titled EP, due to be released before their UK Tour in April 2014. The EP was recorded in Belfast's Start Together studio with Niall Doran with the video produced by Odhrain Soanes.

When a band sends you their new video and the song is called 'Cliff Richard' you cannot tell yourself that you will have a look at it later, or in the morning, curiosity will kill you. There was no disappointment for me, firstly, the video was great, filtered like an old home VHS from the 80's, and if the guys from Abandcalledboy ever decide on a career change, they could definitely have a go at acting. A mix of comic overtones with a sinister underbelly, the chorus lines of 'Bring Cliff Richard to me, under skin you will see, the Cliff Richard disease....I've got the one, he is all I could want, I have Cliff Richard tied knots'. Let's hope Cliff, at his hearty old age doesn't feel unduly discomforted by such notions, don't worry Cliff, it's just a bit of fun!

So what does the music remind me of? This is purely coincidental in terms of geography but the first bands that struck me in terms of similar style of music were early 90's Therapy?, particularly the bands first two albums Nurse and Troublegum. I also got a hint of Ash's debut album Trailer, especially the heavier songs like 'Season' and 'Get Out', having said that, Abandcalledboy are distinctive both vocally and how their songs are constructed from both of the above. 

Explosive energy, lashings of distortion and a dash of humour all make me determined to catch the band next time they come to Dublin, and of course, I will be keen to see what ideas they come up with for future videos, for more info, check out the below links, and Soundcloud of their track 'Seize The Chair'.

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