Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bold Things - New Single & Upcoming E.P.

Bold Things, 'Fillings'

Info: Our favourite exiles have a new single out, 'Fillings' (see above video) starring Laura Finnegan and it's proof that Bold Things are developing their sound in exciting new directions with each release. 'Fillings' has a dark, sometimes menacing vibe about it but the most interesting aspect of the song is seeing the band put more emphasis on an electro sound which compliments the already excellent instrumental set up of guitar, drums and vocals. In the words of the lads themselves; ''Fillings' runs on a simmering sense of frustration. It grows from a pent-up rage and eventually spirals out euphorically capturing the end of one phase and the quiet excitement of something new.' The video for the track was made in Hackney Downs in London by Freddie Leyden.

Bold Things, 'Swallows End'

It's exciting times for Bold Things and you get the sense that they are on the cusp of taking off with a new E.P. due out shortly which will bring together in one place their releases to date. From a selfish perspective I would be hoping to see 3 songs in particular on the upcoming record with 'Fillings', 3 tracks I have been hooked on over the last 2 months, 'Love The Bomb', 'Hearts Ajar' and my personal favourite 'Swallows End' (above). It's difficult to compare Bold Things to other artists either current or that have gone before, which is a good thing, but if I was to take a stab there are elements in 'Swallows End' of Whipping Boys 'We Don't Need Nobody Else' from the Heartworm album, but also early Interpol in terms of mood from 'Turn On The Bright Lights', the New York band's debut album. Aside from those small references it's clear Bold Things have a unique sound of their own, haunting guitars and drumming and optimistic if almost heartbroken vocals make for a wonderful sound that becomes more rewarding with each listen. Hats off to these guys, it's going to be very interesting to see where they're at in 12 months time, so long as there are no Yoko's or Spinal Tap-esque rifts we should be in for a treat.

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Bold Things are Jim O'Donoghue Martin, Gavin Murray, Ian Patterson and Ronan McGeough, they're from Dundalk, and currently reside in London.

Next performance - The Yardlife Festival, Sunday, 20th April

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