Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bold Things - New Track & Paddy's Day Gig @ The Dalston Victoria, London

Bold Things, 'Swallows End'

Info: Back in January I did an introductory piece on London-based Irish band Bold Things and their track 'Love The Bomb' (below) and the Dundalk lads now have a new song and video, 'Swallows End' which is immense. If you poured Joy Division, Whipping Boy, The National and 80's band Killing Joke into a pot this is what you would end up with. Having said that, the band certainly have their very own unique style which is evidenced by their breath of styles across all of their songs to date. 

'Swallows End' is, in my opinion, their best track to date and may hint at a steadier musical direction the band are heading in. It's refreshing to hear an Irish band that is markedly different to their peers and if success in terms of following doesn't meet with Bold Things it will be a travesty. It's the first song the band recorded in London and in their own words it deals in place, love and excitement.

For all of you ex-pats in London, it would be great if you could make their gig for Paddy's Day, on Saturday the 15th of March at The Dalston Victoria, on Queensbridge Road, London, E8 the gig is also free and you could top it off by sharing war stories with your fellow exiles! 

The sooner we get these chaps back home for a performance the better, the future looks very bright, here's another two excellent tracks below, 'Hearts Ajar' and 'Love The Bomb'. If you like the songs be sure to Like their Bookface page and here's their website for further info

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