Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Irish Music - Join Me In The Pines (w.Dave Geraghty, Bell X-1)

Join Me In The Pines, 'Golden Guilt'

Info: As a big fan of Bell X-1 over the years, and indeed Juniper before them, it's exciting to see guitarist Dave Geraghty embark on his new solo project, performing as Join Me In The Pines. Geraghty had two previous solo albums, 2007's Kill Your Darlings and in 2009, The Victory Dance, the name change comes about as Geraghty seeks to evoke a place for his music to rest as he explains, 'instead of it being anchored to reality by a person's name'.

The two tracks I have heard so far, 'Golden Guilt' (above) and 'Joy Is A Lion' have a beautiful country folk feel to them, with a recurring theme of optimism and ponderous lyrics, it's hard not to imagine Geraghty sitting on a porch in the American countryside penning his songs on a banjo!

Join Me In The Pines' first ever Dublin performance is tomorrow night, Friday 11th of April, in the Unitarian Church on Stephen's Green, a wonderful venue which promises an intriguing occasion for all who will be in attendance. 
Doors are at 8.30pm, and tickets are only €15, but move fast as the Cork show sold out last Friday, available at Thanks to my favourite people in the world at I will be heading along to the show myself and I'm really looking forward to a completely different live experience from Dave and his band. For more information on Join Me In The Pines head over to the website, in the meantime, just for old times sake, let's see where it all started!

Juniper, 'Weatherman'

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