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New Irish Music - Debut Album from Big September

Big September, 'The Righteous Way'

Info: I'll keep this brief as I think the interview provided gives a great insight to who Big September are and where they're coming from, a few keywords from the interview that regulars to the blog will identify with through myself are vinyl, Rory Gallagher and Britpop, if I hadn't heard their music yet I'd like these guys already!

Who are they? Big September are 5 school friends from Wicklow whose passion for music helped them focus on a single goal of aspiring to create great songs that would be capable of sweeping a live audience into their trance, and are on track to succeed in this venture. They have previously supported SoCoDu's finest, The Republic of Loose, Paddy Casey and Royseven among others, and have also caught the attention of the Irish music bible Hot Press. 

What's Happening? In a nutshell, Big September's debut album, 'Ballroom Addicts' will be released next month on the 9th of May and followed up with an album launch in The Academy on Saturday the 17th of May. 

What's their sound? A starting point would be indie rock, however, having listened to the album a few times now there are significant elements of their sound that pre-date the term. There are also moments of folk, which makes sense when the band explain all of their songs were initially written from acoustic guitar. It's very difficult to not see Big September becoming hugely successful, the album is infectiously catchy and from my own point of view many tracks meld 80's / 90's and noughties rock with great results. It's a cliché but sometimes clichés are appropriate, you will be hearing more and more about Big September. 

So, on we go to the interview, and a special thanks to the band for taking the time to respond to the questions, in particular Naylor, and it would be negligent of me not to mention Claire for coming up with the idea, thanks Claire! Finally, I have to agree with the band that there are a lot of extremely gifted Irish musicians and acts out there that don't get the exposure they deserve, there is at least one Irish band that each of us haven't heard of that's better than some of what we're listening to at the moment, worth bearing in mind.

Big September are, frontman Scotty O'Neill, Dave Butler on guitar / vocals, Cillian Duane (lead guitar - Rory Gallagher link explained), Dan Smith on drums and bass-player / media rep. Graham 'Naylor' O'Neill and song-writing.

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