Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Irish Music - Here To Help You Out, Single 'Lullaby'

Photo by: Laura NĂ­ Dhubhghaill

Info: Sometimes I wish I had a lot more time to listen to, and discover, breaking Irish music, because, as I've stated previously, and I can't emphasise it enough, there is so much out there that is worthy of far greater attention than it receives, and that includes Dublin 5-piece, Here To Help You Out. Musically they remind me a lot of instrumentalists The Bambi Molesters but the whole package reminds me of a more rustic and brighter Speck Mountain. Here To Help You Out's debut single 'Lullaby' does exactly what it says on the tin, balmy vocals and harmonies, light percussion and a solid rhythm put you on your back and floating slowly downstream. I'm also a sucker for strings and we get some lovely violin on b-side 'Nowhere To Be' which, combined with lead-singer Louise O'Hanlon's crisp and eerie vocals stop just short of crossing over to the dark side of the mood. Here To Help You Out have all the tools at their disposal, and song-writing ability, to make you impatient for a full album release in the future, but in a strange way have me looking further beyond that to see how they would progress, I can certainly imagine the existing format and sound evolving into something even more enchanting and special. In the meantime, I'm off on holiday next week, and these two tracks will be accompanying me.

Here To Help You Out, 'Lullaby'

Bio: Here To Help You Out began its life as a recording project for fun between singer Louise O’Hanlon and Guitarist/recording enthusiast Shane O’Neill. After a few writing and recording sessions, the pair realised they had enough material to put together an EP, originally just intended for friends and family. Upon hearing the EP, said friends and family encouraged the pair to play some gigs. Bolstered by said encouragement, they set about recruiting some friends to fill out the full five-piece line-up and thus the band was born.

They have since gone on to write new material, record and release their first single and play their first full-band headline gig. The band's sound has been described as hauntingly atmospheric pop songs with a strong melodic centre that are occasionally punctuated with outbursts of ugliness.

Here To Help You Out, 'Nowhere To Be'

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