Friday, 29 August 2014

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A wee update on the happenings at Remy's Music & Film Blog over the last while and what's coming up in the future. Well I received great news this week that the Blog has been nominated in the 'Best Music' category of the Blog Awards Ireland 2014, and I can only thank the people who visit the blog regularly and the great bands and artists who have sent me in their amazing music over the last 12 months, these are the things that motivate me along with, of course, the passion for writing about it. There has also been an increase in requests for interviews which I think is great, it definitely adds a new dimension to the posts and mixes things up a little, so expect more over the next few months as well. 

I also want to quickly take the opportunity to thank Gavin for his contributions over the past year, it's difficult when you're running the blog solo and sometimes it can get quite busy on the music side of things and I don't get a chance to do film reviews as much as I used to. It's also great to have someone on board who knows his stuff so well having studied it and worked in film production, he can also surmise a film or documentary far better than I can, my ramblings tended to go on and on at times!

Blog Awards Launch Party, Pacino's, Suffolk Street

In terms of what's coming up over the next little while, Gavin and I have been procrastinating about 'shooting' (i.e. iPhone video) our own film reviews together for quite some time and we should probably get the thumb out soon. I'm also looking into doing music review podcasts and would like to thank Luke from The Movie Express (great & up to speed reviews, check it out) for his advice re: same. In addition, and I've probably never mentioned it before, I'd be interested in any contributions any one wants to make, be it following a trip to the cinema, watching a film at home, a gig you were at or any music / film related events, it can be as short or as long as you like, so keep it in mind.

So again, thank you all very much and I really appreciate everyone's support and visits to this floating plank of driftwood.


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