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New Irish Music - Tony Fitz - 'Just Another Day' E.P.

Tony Fitz, 'The Murder'

Info: It seems every time I've done a review of an Irish act over the last year or so I've been gushing in my praise, and there comes a point when you wonder do constant positive reviews eventually end up watering down what you're saying, and I've thought about this quite a bit. At the same time it's more important to be honest, and if I keep getting great music sent to me, I'm going to keep giving positive reviews. To qualify things a bit, sometimes it's a few listens before I get into something, and yes, there have been E.P.'s or singles or albums that I've liked significantly more than others, other times I just know instantly that I am going to like something, and this was the case when Tony Fitz sent me on his new E.P., Just Another Day, which will be released on the 12th of September, in Filmbase, Temple Bar. The quality of music I've been receiving in recent times makes me very proud of the Irish music scene at present, especially at a time when money is tight for both musicians and gig goers, which makes the effort they put in even more admirable.

I knew Tony's music was going to be interesting before I'd even listened to it when he described the concept behind the E.P. to me; 'Just Another Day is a Western story told over 5 songs and an accompanying comic book, with artwork from award-winning Dundalk artist, Tommie Kelly.' The opening bars of 'The Murder' (above video) immediately reminded me of The Sons of Anarchy theme, I hope Tony doesn't mind me saying! but you are quickly brought into a western landscape, and imagining Clint Eastwood slowly trotting along on horseback in one of his spaghetti westerns. The music certainly compliments the idea of the story, and the opening lyrics are beautiful, sinister and descriptive;

'There's a girl lying out on the grass by the creek,
and she dangles her toes in the water beneath,
as the sun dances on the surface of the stream

But she doesn't notice the stranger approach or
The twist of his grin as he takes off his coat or the
The glint of the sun on the gun in his hand

The second track, 'Digging' is a powerfully sad dirge about the loss of a child following a harsh winter for a poor rural family with beautiful violin playing, and at times it reminded me a lot of The Frames circa Dance The Devil, but Tony Fitz's lyrics stand on their own ground and like all of the tracks on the E.P., it showcases a rare gift for story-telling with music. Things get nicely cranked up on '19 Years Ago', which has a bit of a Chris Cornell feel to it, like a lo-fi Audioslave song or even something that Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam might have stuck on Vitalogy. Things come full circle on the title track which ends with an alternative choral version of 'The Murder'. While the theme of the 'Just Another Day' E.P. is western, the music itself is a great mix of folk / rock / hint of country, but not in the style were accustomed to being associated with the genre. While I have mentioned bands that the music reminds me of, they are merely pointers, this is a truly unique recording on more than one level and I'm going to put my opinion all out on this one, Just Another Day is an exceptional piece of musicianship and Tony Fitz is ahead of his peers at present.

Tony Fitz, 'Digging'

Release details:

The EP is available to pre-order here: http://tonyfitz.bandcamp.com

Tony Fitz plays Another Love Story on 23rd August and Electric Picnic on 29th August.

Homebeat presents the Just Another Day EP launch in Filmbase, Templebar on 12th September with live visuals from Le Tissier, support from @ventures and a DJ set by Bantum.

Tickets €8 from: 


Most recently found behind the sound desk at Homebeat events, Tony Fitz is a musician and producer from Kildare. He has recorded and mixed live videos featuring some of Ireland's most exciting acts, including: Bantum, Carriages, Biggles Flys Again, Sleep Thieves, Mark Geary, Cat Dowling, Swords and Rónán Ó'Snodaigh.

Currently working on projects with Red Sail, Diplomat (Biggles Flys Again bassist Michael Murphy), and @ventures (the new band from Heritage Centre front man, Conal McIntrye)

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