Monday, 22 September 2014

Who Is Kid Trench? Plus Track, 'I'll Be Waiting'

Kid Trench, 'I'll Be Waiting'

Info: Yes, info, well that seems to be a little bit hard to come by at the moment. On Saturday evening I received an email from this young gentleman that merely said 'Hi Remy, here's a track you might like, thank you, K.T.' with the above Soundcloud link. So I've sat down this afternoon and took to the Google machine to find out more, and I can't tell you much, other than that he is from Belfast, and has two tracks released at this point. Other sites have also posted about Kid Trench's new song, 'I'll Be Waiting' and also revealed that information is very elusive about this artist, mysterious. Well, I suppose it kind of comes back to my point yesterday about songs standing on their own, although I have seen very positive feedback from regional BBC radio stations on his Twitter feed. 

My view of the track is that it's instantly appealing musically if simple lyrically. There's quite a similarity vocally with James Vincent McMorrow on the higher pitches and there's an overarching soothing vibe from start to finish on the track. The other track on Kid Trench's SoundCloud page, 'Blue Skies', gives a small insight into what we can expect from a full E.P. release, which I'm sure must be in the offing. The vocals alternate again from high pitch to lower tone with a nice dash of electronic sounds, gentle piano playing and a nice beat to close it off. 

Kid Trench, 'Blue Skies'

So who is Kid Trench? I don't know, but I do know that the above two tracks have sufficiently whet my appetite for more, for the moment he's letting his music do the talking and that's what it's all about at the end of the day.

You can Follow Kid Trench on Twitter here @KidTrench

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