Friday, 31 October 2014

Album Review - , Siân Brown, 'The Girl From Nowhere'

Siân Brown, 'Want To Go'

Info: The above video for 'Want To Go' was my first taste of Siân Brown's music, Dire Straits guitar riffs, a strong clear voice and lots of fun, enjoyable stuff. Then I listened to the rest of the album, 'I've been tricked!', for Brown's music goes full on song-writer and more serious on the rest of the tracks (while still retaining some brevity on swinging second track 'Miss You When'), and the results are great. I still think the opener, 'Cut You Loose' is my favourite track on the album, if this had been a Joni Mitchell track on Court & Spark (think 'Help Me'), it'd probably be one of my favourites on that album. The third track 'Wolves' has a very 70's British folk feel about it, like a contemplative Pentangle track, it's hard not to picture Brown walking through a misty English woodland. 

Next up is 'Mary', which has a tiny bit of a Fleetwood Mac feel about it and the strings are like a slowed-down version of Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane', it's a lovely heartfelt number from Brown and very easy on the ear. The seventh track, 'No Need To Be Lonely' is beautiful, with lovely piano and a great showcase of Brown's voice, it's powerful in the sense that it captures the atmosphere she wants to evoke so well. The album finishes strongly and optimistically with the string-driven 'I Feel' and contemporary sounding closer 'Way Down Low'. There's plenty happening on The Girl From Nowhere to keep the listener engaged from start to finish and Siân is no one-trick pony, it's easy to see the Cork-based singer has a handle on this song-writing thing and a powerful and unique voice to compliment those talents.

Siân Brown, 'Cut You Loose'

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