Saturday, 25 October 2014

French Girls - Tablemanners E.P.

French Girls, 'Creator'

Info: French Girls' E.P., Tablemanners is one of my highlights of 2014, and it's the best new release I've been sent from the U.S. this year. It's unnerving how accomplished the band are at a presumably quite young age. The sum of all their parts, bassist Keith Gillespie, drummer Randy O'Shea, front man and guitarist Charlie Voltz and the gifted lead guitarist Cody Page combine in a rare manner that suggests all four were destined to combine, but listening to the music they make suggests more than chance is at work here.

There are three parts here for me, the first, is a maybe subconscious ode to late 70's / early 80's post-punk and Talking Heads on 'The Medicated Youth'. 'In The Meantime' is the perfect blend of grunge and some, to date, undefined version of indie rock along with (which excites me the most about French Girls), mid-60's garage. There are so many great bands from that era like The Monks and The Pirates that were not popular in their day but are so influential now that it's music to my ears to hear bands drawing on them, accidentally or intentionally, today. 'In The Meantime' is, with regard to my own personal taste, one of the best songs I've heard in 2014 from new or established bands, it draws every decade of music I like the most together in one track.

French Girls, 'In The Meantime'

In addition to 60's and 70's sounds, French Girls doff their cap to many contemporary acts such as Austin band White Denim, there's a hint of surfer rock and, dare I say it, some Britpop. It's a nice idea to want to try and tie so many diverse versions of rock music together, it's another thing to have the ability to do it, and it's an entirely different proposition altogether to pull it off, here it is.....

French Girls, 'Oakland'

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