Friday, 17 October 2014

New Irish Music - Monster Monster

Monster Monster, 'Assassin'

Info: Dublin duo Monster Monster are Mick Stuart on guitar, Ríona Sally Hartman on vocals, and both of them on everything else in between, i.e., the music. The pair have recorded two tracks, 'Assassins' (above video) and 'I Am Yours', and they're two peaches. 'Assassins' is a dark number with Hartman's alluring vocals blending old and new styles, that of a 1930's club singer with a more contemporary pop sound, whilst the track's intro draws on Massive Attack's Mezzanine before nodding to Portishead's Dummy. I'm generalising with albums rather than songs because they are merely hints, nothing more specific than that. 'I Am Yours' is a both uplifting and hopeful song about love, the piano and drumming really reminded me of some of the great early 90's dance ballads and later indie music from the same decade, but not as deliberately poppy. Different aspects of the track combine to make a weirdly wonderful meld of lots of different genres from the 80's through to the present day. In short, these two tracks go down so nice and easy and I could definitely see myself enjoying a longer release from Monster Monster in the future. Not to mention one of the best Twitter bio's I've seen in a while!

Additional Info: Monster Monster are an alternative-pop duo from Dublin with song-writing at the heart of the project. Songs by Mick Stuart are developed and made her own by Ríona Sally Hartman. Exploring the range between love and hate, they create one voice from contrasting perspectives. Mick writes with one thing in mind, Ríona sings with another. Mick suggests left, Ríona swings right. Mick listens to Massive Attack, Emilie Sandé and The Beatles, Ríona listens to Janelle Monae, The Eurythmics and Laura Marling. Then they get together, compare notes and argue over lyrics.

They’ve been working behind the scenes, recording music and honing their sound in Grouse Lodge and Beechpark studios with the up and coming UK producer James Lewis (works with Rudimental, Sunset Sons, Morris Rae).  
They both live for storytelling, big cinematic sounds and, like Bono, both want world peace!

Monster Monster are truly grateful for the contribution on the tracks of;

Tommy Gray - drums
Johnny Taylor - keyboards
Niel Dorrington - bass
Jess Kavanagh - backing vocals

Monster Monster, 'I Am Yours'

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