Friday, 7 November 2014

Able Archer, 'The Trouble With Strangers', E.P.

Able Archer, 'The Descent'

Info: Dublin band Able Archer just released their second E.P., The Trouble With Strangers, this week, as a follow up to their acclaimed 2013 release, Bullet. From the punk-rock punch in the face intro to the excellent 'Ghostmaker' (below), to the melodically calm and catchy 'The Warden', the band are able to crank it up and down with ease, and this is most appealing. On the aforementioned 'Ghostmaker' and 'Only Love' both tracks explode at the beginning and the pace doesn't let up once, the heavy downward strumming on the guitars, inexplicably rapid drumming and thick heavy bass leave you almost disorientated by the end of each track, a joy for any fan of late 80's / early 90's rock music, in particular Pearl Jam and (when they were good! RHCP's). Able Archer retain the energy but in a more low-key manner on 'The Warden' and 'The Descent' (above), both songs definitely veer toward a more modern sound but with a strange dash of Dublin bands from fifteen or so years ago, there's a little bit of early-doors Bell X-1 on 'The Warden' for example. 

Able Archer, 'Ghostmaker'

I listened to a few tracks from the first E.P. Bullet, and it's just as good as The Trouble With Strangers, it also leaves you a bit bemused why these guys aren't getting more airplay, but then you remember how 'safe' Irish radio is, there are some great shows, but as in the past, they're mostly in the off-peak slots. When you come across bands like Able Archer you realise how desperately we need another Phantom FM (pirate era) but that's a story for another day, for now, Able Archer just need to keep on rocking in the free world.

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