Saturday, 15 November 2014

Amalgamated Future Artists present - My Invisible Friend, part 1

Info: This is a very cool idea and the outcome is pretty amazing, some really great collaborations here, what am I babbling about?!

Over to you guys at Amalgamated Future Artists;

'14 artists from all around the world collaborated with
each other to make some music. The twist is they did it without
knowing who they were collaborating with. They just sent us (AFA)
their unfinished songs, and we assigned those songs to other artists
to finish it.

It has been challenging, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately unique
and exciting. Please, give it a try, because you haven't heard
anything like it.'

The opening track by CLOVES and Stolenmeltdown, 'My Invisible Friend' sets the scene and it's a superb track, from the acoustic guitar intro to the brass, drums and electro sounds, I've looped it a lot because the two and a half minutes go so quickly. Then there's the funky sounds of Os Caramboleiros with Nestor on 'La Mierda en la Boca' followed quickly by another favourite of mine, the fifth track, Playofone with Melöfo, 'Amiga Invisible', a dark Joy Division style number. Chill out with Blue States & The Coconut Monkeyrocket (what a name) on 'Field of View' or get your rock on with another Melöfo track featuring Voetbal, 'MIF Never Shows Up for Dates'. There's a lot of good stuff here spread over 14 tracks and Spanish label Amalgamated Future Artists have done a great job in drawing all of these acts together, here's to Part II.

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