Friday, 28 November 2014

Irish Music - Silverbacks, 'Fad 1995'

Silverbacks, 'Fad 1995'

Info: Dublin band Silverbacks are a few weeks away from releasing their second album, following 2013's Lotion (link to full album below), Hot Bath will be self-made by the as of now unsigned four piece, consisting of Dan (guitar, vocals), Kilian (guitar, vocals), Emma (bass, vocals) and Paul (drums, vocals). 'Fad 1995' is the first single from the new album and I found the 1995 part quite appropriate after listening to it for the first time it immediately reminded me of two great bands, who I still listen to a lot. First up, after the opening bars I came over a bit warm and fuzzy thinking of The American Analog Set (formed in '95), but not for long although there were little pieces here and there later in the song. 

There was also a strong feel of lo-fi indie gods Pavement and particularly around the time of their mid-90's (okay I'm pushing it a bit, 1997) album Brighten The Corners. Comparisons, as always, only tell you so much of the story, the thing I like about Silverbacks is that there is thought behind the lyrics, obviously I find the music itself most appealing given my tastes, and it's also nice to hear a band that, you would have to say when listening to a lot of the standard guitars and drums acts about, seem to be genuinely thinking of the music they're making and not what's going on around them. I'm quite keen on hearing the new album, and I have to add, that I'm quite fond of hearing certain accents coming through in songs, but that's me sharing too much, the rest all stands.

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