Sunday, 30 November 2014

Irish Music - Tongue Bundle, 'Bungee Untold'

Info: Irish band Tongue Bundle are releasing their debut album on the 5th of December, called Bungee Untold, with the launch in Seomra Spraoi. They play an irreverent form of funk music, abrasive at times with an emphasis on humour and experimentation and are currently running a Fund:It campaign to raise money for a small European tour, with gigs planned in Berlin, Paris and London. We will also be doing an Irish tour mid December, playing in the Róisín Dubh in Galway, Caughlans in Cork, and also dates in Limerick and Belfast.

Bungee Untold is a manic album, like stepping inside the closed cell doors of a sanitorium and spending an evening with Franz Zappa, Madness and Parliament, you've been told you can leave whenever you want, but you're not sure if this is a lie or not. Massive amounts of 70's type funk abound with the wah-wahs and bass lines going into overdrive, not to mention the classic style backing vocals and there's a few hints of ska in there as well, such as the ninth track, 'Val Is Short for Val'. More contemporary influences might include Belle & Sebastian (see 'Legal Man' on the wonderfully endearing 'Tithead'!), Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals. No less crazy, but a bit more mellow is the fourth track, 'Horsemeat Scandal' and 'That Is a Cheap Paste' toward the end of the album, on the latter the ska sound is quite strong, á la The Specials, and it's very enjoyable and merry. A favourite of mine is the fantastically named 'Docile Gimp', which reminds me of the opening theme to a 1970's cop tv show, or some scene with Steve McQueen in BullittBungee Untold is down-right cray-cray, feels very improvised and experimental, yet somehow in order, it's not too mental to put off the casual listener and the aforementioned musical styles it draws on will appeal greatly to lovers of 70's music as well as more modern oriented listeners. 

The album launches on the 5th of December, and you can support the band's Fund:It campaign by either clicking on the link in the opening paragraph, or below. If you want a taster of Tongue Bundle's sound, here's a really great track from their debut E.P., Salty Language called 'Schleepface', some motherfunky riffs in there.

Tongue Bundle, 'Schleepface'

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