Monday, 10 November 2014

Wacky Southern Current, 'Today's Embrace', Album Review

Wacky Southern Current, 'Your Aria'

Info: Wacky Southern Current is the performance name of Italian multi-instrumentalist Marco Cervellin, self-described as instrumental, post-rock, indie and cinematic in terms of style of music. Cervellin has produced a beautiful album of mellow sounds, Today's Embrace has a jazzy electronic feel throughout, from the Moon Safari-esque second track 'No Safe Harbour', to the wonderfully spacey 'Kogan Tribute Piece', which is probably my favourite track on the album, especially when it strays into Pink Floyd guitar riffs. 

I can definitely connect with the cinematic description, third track 'Trains Are Cool' has a traditional Italian waltz undercurrent that brings to mind 'The Wedding Waltz' from The Godfather, whereas 'In Fear of The Aztec Sun' has a western feel about it. From a post-rock perspective, the closing track 'House Wrapped In Vines' has some nice electric guitar playing and is quite the atmospheric tune. 

Finally, there's the above track 'Your Aria', a moody piano-led number that for some reason reminds me of Fiction Factory's 'Feels Like Heaven' in parts! Wacky Southern Current has produced a really enjoyable mood-based album in Today's Embrace and the experimental creativity makes each track a little world of it's own which the listener can disappear into, and I love that album cover by artist Angela Deane.

You can stream the entire album here: 

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