Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Sunshine Spectacular, 'Family Fires', Single Release

The Sunshine Spectacular, 'Family Fires'

Info: The Sunshine Spectacular are a Tasmanian electropop group signed to independent Norwegian label, Cafe Superstar, and have just released their first single, 'Family Fires' above, along with a remix of the track with contributions from two members of Musique Le Pop, who are also on the label, backing vocals from Elisabeth and the remix from Jon. The cover artwork, vocals and music immediately reminded me of Norwegian duo Röyksopp and their 2001 album Melody A.M. as well as Swedish group Peter, Bjorn & John. 'Family Fires' is a very appealing feel-good track, with simple lyrics and infectious sounds that can only lead one to a happy place upon listening to it, and while it's short at just over 3 minutes, the remix is there to give you another little fix. The group describe their influences as candy, flowers, birds, trees and chocolates, a good summary! 

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Website: (Cafe Superstar) 

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