Monday, 5 January 2015

Gavin & Remy's 2014 Film Review

Another year rolls round and we bring you another set of films which both Gavin and myself highly recommend if you haven't seen them already. Again this year we've picked 5 each and then a few really quick extra ones at the end of the video. Huge thank you to Sibéal on camera and Anna on make-up and both of them for filling in blanks when needed, and especially for making the two of us finish the video when we both thought we'd no more shite-talk left in us, they got us over the line. We'll be keeping it fresh with the film and TV series reviews during the year and we hope you find a few nuggets below, thanks for watching!

Remy & Gavin.

Remy's Picks: 

1) The Grand Budapest Hotel
2) I Origins
3) The Rover
4) Still Alice
5) Coherence

Gavin's Picks:

1) Lucy
2) Ida
3) Nightcrawler
4) A Most Wanted Man
5) Foxcatcher

Hidden Extras: Life After Beth, Nyphomaniac Vol I & II,  The Lego Movie, Starred Up, Under The Skin, '71. Blue Ruin, The Babadook.

Film of the Year:

Gavin - Interstellar      Remy - The Grand Budapest Hotel

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