Monday, 19 January 2015

Lilla Vargen - 'This is Love'

Lilla Vargen, 'This is Love'

Info: I know very little about Belfast singer Lilla Vargen, apart from the fact that this is her debut track, 'This is Love'. Earlier this afternoon I was making my way back to work when I decided to stop and pop in the headphones and give the song a listen and it really took me aback. It's a lovelorn track as the title suggests, where the love is not reciprocated maybe the way it once was, but the wronged party accepts this as insufficient reason to reel in their feelings. A common theme maybe, but the striking thing about the song is Vargen's pitch perfect vocals, crisp and clean and whilst calm, laced with pain. 'This is Love' is a powerful first outing from the Belfast songwriter, which will no doubt have many people stopping in their tracks as it weaves it's way to a wider audience over the coming weeks and months. It's early days, but we could have a serious talent on our hands.

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