Saturday, 31 January 2015

Silverbacks, 'Hot Bath'

Silverbacks, 'Mermaid Massacre'

Info: Back in November I did a review of Dublin band Silverbacks' single, 'Fad 1995' which I really liked, a lot, and made some comparisons to Pavement and The American Analog Set. The wait for their second album, Hot Bath, has been well worth it and it's been really great over the last week discovering more and more layers and styles on the recording. I've really enjoyed the sometimes grunge and sometimes psychedelic sounds the music brings forth, for the former see the excellent second track on the album, 'I Kneeled Down', with it's early Dandy Warhols (when they were good) guitars and vaudeville vocal exchanges. For the latter, see 'Sacramento', a very chilled out song which nods to Lou Reed at times, and I'm still trying to make sense of the intriguing lyrics!

'Mermaid Massacre' (above) is another particular treat which sees the music and tone take on a slightly darker and sombre hue, a steady and slow beat that pulls you along before a really nice diversion just after the half-way mark. Shortly after you find yourself listening to what sounds like a hammond organ on 'Sloe Jam' and then laughing at the deep voice which tells you; 'Don't question my life choices motherfucker, just walk in a straight line', it's like one of those weird old black and white cartoons. After we've all had our fun, Silverbacks pack our bags and take us off with them into the ether, warming us up with the calming 'Garage', the harmonies on which you want to hear more of, before going full trippy on the closing track '11th Woman'.

Silverbacks, 'Fad 1995'

At ten tracks, and coming in around the 30-minute mark, I think Silverbacks have made a really diverse album in Hot Bath, that works well in part due to it's compactness. When I first heard 'Fad 1995' I thought instantly that it was a great song, and you then hope that the same quality and enjoyment will be found on a full release. This is exactly what's happened on the band's second album, every track is it's own little pleasure and due to the sometimes spoken nature of the vocals you feel that the lyrics are being directed to you personally. Hot Bath is very, very good and Silverbacks have produced a pretty unique and highly enjoyable album.

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