Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Pluto Moons - E$pooky E.P.

The Pluto Moons, '$pooky'

Info: The Pluto Moons are a trio from New York, self-professed to be for fans of Frank Zappa, Passion Pit and Californian ambient artist Baths and E$pooky is their new E.P. I was going to do this review at the weekend but I'm afraid it couldn't wait, this is a solid, no second wasted 5-track recording that instantly gripped me within 30 seconds of the opening track 'Spooky' (above). 'Spooky' is an incredible track, the laid-back intro quickly swallowed up by drums, lead-guitar and keyboards before embarking on a funky electronic space voyage. The next track '#Badgoodbye' is something I've never heard before, punk mixed with dark electronica, this is magic, a track that will lift your insides up to your throat, and in a way it exemplifies what I want to hear after someone has told me about a great album or song by X or Y band, and I'm so often disappointed. 

The Pluto Moons, '#Badgoodbye'

Along comes the fourth track 'Eyez' and at this point I'm struggling to handle this much enjoyment in such a short space of time. The beginning of the track is like The Doors on acid (imagine that) before Ray Manzarek discovers a tiny little keyboard and tries desperately to keep some order to proceedings. The breakdown on this track works so well and the rhythm of the drumming and distorted guitar washes over you. Last but definitely not least is 'Improv 11613 Remix', African beats and droning expansive electronics coupled with the man at the controls, Max's, filtered vocals create an alluring atmosphere that provides a soft landing and time to catch your breath. There are a lot of spoofers on the front of music magazines and websites pretending they're at the forefront of their field while releasing albums with only 2 or 3 good songs on them, then there's The Pluto Moons.

Photo: Jared Blake

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