Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Elephant - Little Ghost

Elephant, 'Little Ghost'

Info: Elephant is the moniker of Dundalk musician Shane Clarke who is currently finishing work on his debut album, HyperGiant, a tantalising glimpse of which was released today in the form of the video for 'Little Ghost'. I was instantly drawn by the video, it's a very effective visual expression of the inside of the storyteller's head as he held a one-way conversation with the various split personalities of the song's Little Ghost, perhaps his very own inner demon, something internal that he struggles with. 

The songs lyrics start with the words 'I believe in you, little ghost', before turning to 'I can't help you, little ghost', it feels like an introspective self-awareness, and to be honest Clarke's vocals and the general mood of the music make it quite an emotionally sad and beautiful track. Other lines such as 'I can see you sometimes, in the corner of my eye, manifesting behind me, in my bedroom window, you're not smiling, I'm not smiling, I can't help you, little ghost' add powerfully to this sense of isolation and uncontrollable melancholy. Listening to the music in isolation or without taking in the words you could easily think you are listening to a song with an upbeat or carefree message, which is part of it's potency. 'Little Ghost' got me inside and has me rooting for it's protagonist's redemption on the album, which I hope is just around the corner.

About: Elephant, the musical vehicle of Dundalk based multi-instrumentalist Shane Clarke, offers an intriguing live show of intimate acoustic guitars and subtly looped layers tied with colourful melody and enchanting harmonies.
Songs wander from an instantaneous summery folk pop reminiscent of Badly Drawn Boy and Elliot Smith, to more mature meandering pieces with a deliberate deconstructed nature, akin to say... Broken Social Scene, Justin Vernon or Joanna Newsom. Elephant has rightly garnered much praise on the live front of late with his earnest vocal delivery and unique lyrical style capturing audiences and securing him 2014 performances with Martha Wainwright and on the Other Voices trail in Dingle.  

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Elephant’s debut album “HyperGiant”, Shane will be busy touring across the nation offering us a taste of what’s to come as he enters this exciting chapter. 

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