Sunday, 8 February 2015

Public Service Broadcasting - 'The Other Side'

Public Service Broadcasting, 'The Other Side'

Info: London-based electronic duo, Public Service Broadcasting, aka, J.Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth, have just shared a new track from their forthcoming album , The Race For Space. 'The Other Side' precedes the release of their second album's first single, 'Gargarin' which is due for release on the 16th of February, with the album itself coming out on the 26th. Keeping in line with their trademark of using excerpts of old broadcasting voice-overs, 'The Other Side' focusing on the Apollo 8 mission which was the first manned space mission to leave the Earth's orbit, reach the Moon and return safely home in 1968. It's quite an exhilarating track and the tension building up throughout guides you to a euphoric finale on what is an instantly appealing piece of music from the opening bass-lines.

J. Willgoose, Esq., the mastermind behind PSB, describes ‘The Other Side’ as the "most emotional moment" on the album.  

Stereogum who premiered the song wrote: "Featuring clips of the Apollo 8 launch, 'The Other Side' plays like an epic sci-fi score that you can dance to at times. Short PA communications from ground control in Houston are enveloped by a synth bass sequence and a simple drum pattern which fade as the Apollo 8 comes into some peril toward the middle of the track. As ground control loses communication and the urgency in the agent's voice grows, the instrumentation returns to build to a climax with atmospheric synths, crashing cymbals, and more complex drum hits."

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