Saturday, 14 February 2015

Red Empire - 'Deliver Me' Single

Red Empire, 'Deliver Me'

Info: Together since 2009, Red Empire are putting the final touches on their debut album which will be released in the coming months. 'Deliver Me' is the new single from the band who hail from Dublin and Athlone and the video follows suit from their previous award-winning releases for 'Small Mercies' and 'The Truth Of You', both of which won 'Best Music Video' at The Dublin International Film & Music Festival and The Underground Cinema Awards respectively. 

I have to say that, unsurprisingly, I was initially preoccupied with the video which is very well made by film-maker Daragh Murphy, and it took a few more listens before I focused on the song and music itself. That said, I was aware that the song was a solid effort, and importantly, whilst being radio-friendly, it had a certain edge over what a lot of other bands who are in that space between starting out and possible definitive success are doing. I first listened to it earlier this week and a few more listens over the weekend, coupled with checking out Red Empire's aforementioned singles above on their YouTube channel, only bolsters this conclusion. The piano introduction is flowing and maintains the rhythm of the song throughout, whilst also syncing nicely with the movement of the young dancers in the video. In terms of what it reminds me of, the first band that popped into my head was Cherry Ghost regarding the music, and singer Cahill's vocals tipped toward quite a genre-spanning style, from 80's power rock, to more subtle contemporary tones, a microcosm of which you can find in the very pleasing breakdown at the 3 minute mark.

Without thinking about it too much at the time I watched the video, it naturally appealed to me straight away and Red Empire are certainly a band I could listen to more of. One last thing, the guys skulking around the curtains in the video reminded me of that urban legend (or was it?) of the ghost scene in Three Men and A Baby (33 second mark!).

*Red Empire are playing at the legendary Abner Brown's Barbershop in Rathmines on Thursday, 16th of April.

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