Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Ricardos - 'Pest' E.P.

The Ricardos, 'Rock N' Roll Animal'

Info: I have to admit that over the last few months if I get sent music from the U.S. I'm a bit quicker to stick it on as soon as I can because with very few exceptions, it's almost always better than good. Thus was the case when I sat down to listen to The Ricardos from Phoenix, Arizona last week. Their first track was instantly appealing to me, as a big fan of The Strokes, and strong memories of how amazing 'This Is It' was when it came out in 2001, opening track 'I Won't Wait' could so easily have been song number 12 on that album. The Ricardos are quite up front about this citing both the New Yorkers and front man Julian Casablancas as influences. So, having enjoyed the first of five tracks I also thought, okay, is this going to be a Strokes tribute release? 

Then there was a bit of a kicker, I can't express how much I love 'Rock N' Roll Animal' which came straight after (above). I've listened to this track on a number of occasions now on my short distance travels this week and I only wish it was 4 times longer. It's like some lost nugget from the 60's, surf rock and garage blending together, a Dick Dale and The Sonics mash-up that is nothing but highly enjoyable. By the time the third track 'Pretty Devils' is underway, you've completely forgotten about what you thought you were going to hear and The Ricardos are lashing out lovely gritty guitars and drums. Over the course of the rest of the E.P. and indeed the aforementioned tracks there's also Lou Reed / Velvet Underground sounds going on, everything combined making Pest one of my favourite non-Irish releases of 2015 so far. There are a few rough edges, particularly on 'Vicki Is A Five Course Meal', but the rawness is part of the charm, and unsurprising, given the fact they are aged between 16 and 18 years of age, god help us all.

The Ricardos, 'I Won't Wait'

Additional Info: 

The Ricardos are from Phoenix Arizona. We are Isaac Soto on lead vocals, Tim Magrady on lead guitar, Matt Magrady on drums, Genesis Jonker on rhythm guitar, and new addition Matthew (#2) Hainlen on bass gutiar.

The Ricardos were started in April 2013 originally by Isaac, Matt and Tim. 
Our primary influences are The Strokes, The Velvet Underground and the solo work of Julian Casablancas. We also all went through a huge (The) Doors phase over the summer.

We're releasing a five song EP called "Pest" through Rubber Brother Records and Citrus City Records on February 20th @ The Trunk Space in downtown Phoenix.

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