Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Acid-Nab - Electronic Harmonics

Acid-Nab, 'Leave It Alone'

Info: Acid-Nab (Stephen McNally) is an electronic artist from Belfast who relocated to Larne in 2012 where he started working on new material at Red 7 Entertainment studios, culminating in the release of his debut album, Electronic Harmonics, last year. The album's seven tracks provide a nice mix of styles, from the drum and bass sounds on 'Superglue' to more down-tempo explorations on the lovely 'Leave It Alone' (above), which has a St.Germain acid-jazz sound to it. 

McNally cites Air as one of his main  influences, and that clearly comes through in the first half of the appropriately named 'Life's a Beach', definite shades of 'Remember' from Moon Safari, before setting of on a nice guitar-laden journey courtesy of musician Gareth Long. On 'Legs To Stand' the Belfastman ably tries his hand at a bit of reggae vocals, a little Finley Quaye in parts, and a really enjoyable jamming session with multiple guitars to be heard. There's a pretty sizeable collection of tracks to be found on Acid-Nab's SoundCloud page if you like what you've heard already, I've found a few favourites that precede Electronic Harmonics such as 'your it' and 'The Polar Shift'.

Acid-Nab, 'Life's a Beach'

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