Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bocuma - Sketches, 1999-2014

Info: Electronic artist Bocuma (real name Martin Millar) has put together a mammoth collection of his works spanning over 15 years titled Sketches (1999-2014). I'm still working my way through the 100 tracks at the moment but have come across some absolute gems in there such as 2007's 'Postpone', 'Retroflex' (2005), and the Massive Attack vibes from 2002's 'Oblivion'. Bocuma's last album, Orphans Of The Sky was reviewed here at the start of last month and I mentioned at the time that he's gained a huge cult following on SoundCloud with almost 5,000 followers, many of whom are musicians themselves and have remixed his work.

In Millar's own words; '(there's) 100 tracks of various beeps and dots before I got into the Bocuma groove and style that I am producing the moment. So there are a few different styles in there ranging from down tempo, ambient, breakbeat to IDM, techno and d n'b. The tracks were used in various in-house promotional videos (for whatever design studio I happened to be working for at the time) websites, educational games and a few soundtracks.'

Proceeds from the sales of Sketches will be donated to the Irish Heart Foundation in conjunction with his Mo ChroĆ­ project which you can find out more about here and you can pick up a digital download of the album on Bocuma's Bandcamp page here for as little as €5

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